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Contact Us at Mothers ReVolution! Protective Mothers: DO NOT WAIT until your life and that of your kid(s) are destroyed! Domestic Terrorists don’t just stop their Campaign of Terror and go away. Timing is absolutely ESSENTIAL! Think of your case as a patient with a very serious disease; you do NOT want to wait with treatment until it is on life support and code blue is called. The sooner you contact us, the better, even if you are just contacting us to research what options are available to you. Often you CAN fight back, even if you think all is lost; in ways you most probably have never even heard of before. And remember: there are Statutes of Limitations (time restrictions) to Complaints and Lawsuits you can file.

If you would like, we can set up a consultation. We go over all the details of your individual case. During the consultation we will explain what your legal rights are and what type of assistance we can provide to you. We will also give you referrals and helpful resources and contacts to manage your situation. We are a non-profit and we’ve been at this since 2018 assisting countless of Protective Mothers with their individual cases, however we do not receive ANY funding. As a nonprofit we are only allowed to ask for donations sufficient to cover our expenses. To keep our offices up and running 365 and 24/7, we therefore do ask for donations. Before contacting us please read what types of services we provide and what the process entails.

All information you share with us will be handled with the strictest safety and guaranteed confidentiality. Your identity will never be made public. Feel free to use a pseudonym. Use a protonmail account if you need to: it can never be hacked or tracked!

Only if we ALL fight back we can collectively put a STOP to Domestic Terrorism; not just for our generation of Protective Mothers, Children and Grandparents, but also for future generations. We look forward to hearing from you and are honoured to potentially be a part of your life story! Contact Us at Mothers ReVolution!

Email: [email protected]

*We are currently not taking on cases that solely involve DCFS (CPS), or that solely involve financial matters.

**We respond to ALL contact requests. We do our best to do so within 7 days (check your spam folder!). Initial contact is via this Contact Form/email only (no call-back to phone numbers). 

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