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National Safe Parents Organization (Family Court Reform)

Moms Fight Back  (Support and Family Court Reform)

Custody Peace (Raising awareness and Family Court Reform)

The Movement of Mothers (MOM)

Child Justice (Pro Bono legal services Maryland and Washington D.C. and Family Court Reform)

Center for Judicial Excellence (Family Court Reform org)

California Protective Parent Association (Family Court Reform org)

DVLeap (For Pro Bono Appeals)

Mothers of Lost Children 

Greyson’s Choice (Family Court Reform)

Kayden’s Korner (Family Court Reform)

Divorce in Connecticut

Courageous Kids (they do not seem to be active any longer)

CJE Youth Speak (for Youth Survivors)

The Stop Abuse Campaign (Family Court Reform org offering essential research and info for litigation)

The Nurtured Parent

Liz Library

Jane and John Q

Protective Mothers Alliance International

Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts

Battered Mothers Custody Conference

National Organization for Women Foundation (NOW)

Women’s Media Center

Darkness to Light

FVAP (For Pro Bono Appeals in California)

NNEDV (National Network to End Domestic Violence)

Pathways to Safety (Services for U.S. Domestic Violence victims abroad)

Support not Separation (United Kingdom)

International Rescue

Christian faith Ministry Ashes to Beauty

Hot Peach Pages – Abuse information and support agencies for every woman and every girl on Earth in 110 languages

Alliance in Action

Protect yourself from financial abuse

Grandmothers Against Removals (Australia)

Violence Awareness & Prevention Guide

Safe online communication with Mom for Kids in custody of Domestic Terrorists

Keeping your kids safe on the internet

Download this Guide to Cyber Security for Protective Mothers

Arm yourself against Cyber Stalking and Covert Surveillance also check this plus its resources at the end

Use this app Victims Voice to collect evidence of Domestic Terrorism

Need media exposure? Contact: Engendered Podcasts

Need media exposure? Contact: 3 Women 3 Ways

Need media exposure? Contact Porthole to Justice

Mad Moms gives you the tools and confidence required to navigate family court!

NOMAS – The National Organization for Men Against Sexism

Moms Purpose – NonCustodial Moms organising stampedes to go after court corruption

MOSAC – Mothers Of Sexually Abused Children

Save Kids from Violent Parents

Family Court Circus

Court Confidence (UK)

National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book (AU)

Danielle Pollack’s Children’s Movement (Family Court Reform org)

Incest Aware (for survivors)

Torture Trauma Therapy (subscription based information)

One Mom’s Battle (Family Court Reform org)

Connecticut Protective Moms (Family Court Reform org)

Mother Justice Survivor Support

Called to Peace (faith-based survivor support)

Comitato Madri Unite  (Italy)

Protective Makua (Hawaii – Family Court Reform)

FiliA Hague Mothers (Hague Convention Reform and Protective Mother advocacy)


70% of all abusive fathers are granted full custody.

In cases of child sexual abuse the percentage goes up to 85%.

Only 2% of child sexual abuse reported by Protective Mothers is believed by courts

U.S. agencies raking in those federal dollars to award custody to Domestic Terrorists

These Father’s Rights programs are completely out of control.

Check out how Domestic Terrorists abuse the legal system to stalk, harass and intimidate Mothers

And how they hire professionals to use Psychotronic Weaponry and Remote Neural Monitoring to destroy the Mothers within 1 year, avoid paying child support and get custody of the kids

And how they groom the professionals involved

Academic researchers have identified Fathers’ Rights groups as White Supremacists

Gender bias in the Court Room

Less than 2% of Mothers lie about abuse; where as Fathers are 16 times more likely to lie about abuse than mothers.

Dr. Saunders of the Department of Justice:  MMPI test results of Protective Mothers are invalid and MMPI tests must be abolished within Custody Evaluations

Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES)

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence, “10 Custody Myths and How to Counter Them”

Child Sexual Abuse in Custody Disputes

The average amount a Protective Mother spends on their own attorney alone is about 100K, many get bankrupted.

And Protective Mother survivors face a Gaslight-style gauntlet of doubt, disbelief, and outright dismissal of their stories in the justice system 

To get custody, Domestic Terrorists accuse Protective Mothers of ‘Parental Alienation’; a term coined by pedophile psychiatrist Richard Gardner (who eventually stabbed himself to death due to the misery he caused)

Forcing Children in to contact with their Abusive Fathers through custody and “reunification therapy” is downright harmful to them

And, across the centuries, Momma is always to blame for it all, including the sexual abuse of her child(ren) by her child(ren)’s father…

But attorneys and judges involved in their cases make billions of dollars in profit each year in their scheme. They call their own scheme “Kids for Cash LLC” as they launder their money

Research findings (2019) confirming all of the above (Silberg & Dallam)

Research findings (2020) confirming all of the above (Meier)

The Liz Library

Gender based violence research

Legal info for abuse victims

How to use Kayden’s Law in Pennsylvania

New! Sue a Domestic Terrorist in California for Coercive Control!

App to track your custody case

Search Hague Convention case law


Phyllis Chesler, PhD: ‘Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody’

Dr. Leora N Rosen: ‘Beyond the Hostage Child: Towards Empowering Protective Parents’

Barry Goldstein: ‘The Quincy Solution’

Keith Harmon Snow: ‘In the Worst Interest of the Child. The Trafficking of Children and Parents through the U.S. Family Courts’

Aleah Holland: ‘A Little Lynched – Amber Alert – A Judge Ordered Kidnapping’

Doreen Ludwig: ‘Motherless America: Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood Custody Program’

Doreen Ludwig: ‘Trumpian Abuse:  Government & Family Systems that Prop-Up the Male Regime’

Doreen Ludwig: “AFCC net: People, Policy, Practices that Intrude in Child Custody Determinations

Karen Winner: ‘Divorced from Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges’

Fintan and Gareth Murphy (aka JP and Brendan Byrne): ‘Don’t Hug Your Mother’  The compelling true story of how two boys were alienated from their mother for eighteen years

Donna Buiso: ‘Nothing But My Voice’

Lundy Bancroft: ‘Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men’

Lundy Bancroft: ‘The Batterer as Parent’

Lundy Bancroft: ‘When Dad Hurts Mom’

Maralee McClean: ‘Prosecuted But Not Silenced: Court Room Reform for Sexually Abused Children’

Amy Neustein and Michael Lesher: ‘From Madness to Mutiny. Why Mothers Are Running from the Family Courts – and What Can Be Done about it’

Miriam Silver: ‘Protecting My Child: – How a mother tries to protect her child and is placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List’

Coral Anika Theil: Free eBook ‘Bonshea: Making Light of the Dark’

Dr. Debra Wingfield: ‘‘Eyes Wide Open: Help! with Control-Freak Co-parents’

Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D and Barry Goldstein: ‘Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues’

Evan Stark: ‘Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life’

Talia Carner: ‘Puppet Child’

Jodi Parmley: ‘F.I.F.I.,Financial Infidelity F**k It: The Mistress of The New Millennium’

Elizabeth Richter: ‘And Even Better From Divorce in Connecticut: A Blog Located Online At:’

Lori Handrahan: ‘Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape’

Yvonne Floor: “Tot de dood ons scheidt”  – This Dutch book is forbidden in The Netherlands and the author is being prosecuted for it! However, you can download it HERE: please share far and wide with Dutch speaking people. Stay tuned for the English translation…

Christina Mask: ‘Nightmare in Hostage Hills’

Ruth Collins: ‘Writings in the Sand’

Monica Szymonik: Broken System, Broken Heart: The Soup to Nuts Guide to Protecting Your Health in the Aftermath of a Custody Battle’

Sara Levavi-Eilat: ‘The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women’

Julie McAlpin-Richmond: ‘Where Have All Our Daughters Gone’ (partial proceeds are donated to Mothers ReVolution)

Sarah Hart: ‘A Mother Apart: How to Let Go of Guilt and Find Happiness Living Apart from Your Child’

Lisa Fontes: ‘Invisible Chains: Overcoming coercive control in your intimate relationship’

Bruce Perry & Maia Szalavitz: ‘The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog’

Robert Davidson: ‘The Beast I Loved’

Janie McQueen: ‘Hanging On By My Fingernails’

Janene K McKinney: ‘Domestic Non-Violence’ (read free online)

CSMS: ‘Het houdt niet op, totdat je de slachtoffers beschermt’ (Dutch – read free online) – ‘It wont stop until you protect the victims’ – English free read online)

Fiona Barnett: Free eBook ‘Eyes Wide Open’ (*adult audiences only – ***trigger warning)

Kathleen Sullivan: ‘Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control’

Dr. Jessica Taylor: ‘Why Women Are Blamed For Everything: Exploring Victim Blaming Of Women Subjected to Violence and Trauma

Dr. Jessica Taylor: ‘Woman in Progress: The Reflective Journal for Women and Girls Subjected to Abuse and Trauma

Anonymous Protective Mother:  ‘Is This Love? A Mother’s Plea‘ (free download)

Robin Shaye: ‘Until You Die: The Narcissist’s Promise

Dr. Danielle Duperret, NP/PhD: ‘Jailed by Fraud

Oralee Wachter: ‘No More Secrets for Me‘ (to help Children prevent and/or discuss sexual abuse)

Kimberly King: ‘I Said No! A Kid-to-kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private

Grace Wroldson: ‘How-To Fight a Narcissist in Family Court and Win: Super-Smart Strategies for Success


Children Of The Underground tells the true story of charismatic vigilante Faye Yager, who built a vast underground network that hid hundreds of mothers and children, saving them from the alleged abuse of husbands and fathers when a broken court system would not

No Way Out But One: Holly Collins became an international fugitive, hunted by the FBI, for kidnapping her own children. She had been ordered to turn her two children over to live with the father who had been abusing them. Medical evidence of broken bones and domestic abuse just didn’t matter to the court. – by Garland Waller

What Doesn’t Kill Me: Due to a horrific system that favors abusive fathers, a shocking number of mothers who seek to protect their children (and themselves) end up losing them. Most Americans are unaware that an abusive father, who contests custody from a protective mother, will win 70 percent of the time. – by Women Making Movies

Family Court Crisis: Our Children at Risk: featuring interviews with individuals whose lives have been affected by the dysfunctional family law system and expert analyses of what has gone wrong. – Center for Judicial Excellence

Small Justice: Little Justice in America’s Courtsby Garland Waller

Breaking The Silence: Children’s Stories (BTS) chronicles the impact of domestic violence on children and the recurring failings of family courts across the country to protect them from their abusers. – PBS Public Broadcasting Service

Dr. Hall discusses the illegal surveillance programs and the use of remote neural monitoring, electromagnetic weaponry and psychological warfare. “70% of the victims are women: their lives destroyed within 1 year: harassed by their ex-husbands during a divorce, to make her look crazy, get out of paying child support, and alimony and get custody of the kids”


Protective Mother Aleah Holland, Author of “A Little Lynched: Amber Alert a Judge Ordered Kidnapping” offers her in-depth explanation of the New World Order agenda behind the worldwide Mommicide crisis on THIS EPISODE of Hell is for Children

Protective Mothers Kristen (Denmark) and Cindy (The Netherlands) describe how they lost their children to abusive fathers in the USA, plus Claire (American) talks about her asylum process in The Netherlands for her and her babies, on this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mothers Suzy and Coral Anika Theill who lost their children to abusive fathers talk about Narcissism, Maternal Deprivation, PTSD; the effect abuse has on the lives of Protective Mothers and their court-abducted kids and what type of healing methods can be of help, on this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mothers Tammy Noergaard and Marion Olivia Weilharter share how they were victorious in overturning their Hague Convention cases with Denmark! The information is helpful for any Protective Mother embroiled in international custody cases worldwide, on this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Investigative journalist and author Michael Volpe talks about the Free Jasmijn case, the article he wrote about this case in 2015 and the way abusive fathers continue their reign of domestic terror through judicial bullying, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother Jen Goodwin describes how she lost custody of her son to her ex who is a convicted murderer!!! The conversation continues when Protective Mother Susan Skipp joins in to offer research and data proving that American women have NO Constitutional Rights and that Family Court, CPS systems are part of corporations that profit from Human Rights violations of Protective Mothers and their children, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother Doreen Ludwig, author of “Motherless America – Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood Custody Program,” “AFCC net: People, Policy, Practices that Intrude in Child Custody Determinations” and “Trumpian Abuse: Government & Family Systems that Prop-Up the Male Regime” presents in-depth research findings that reveal federal funding of abusive fathers, which not only generates giant amounts of revenue for the Family Court and CPS industry but the pedophile mafia as well, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother Tina Melo, author of “Fashion Design Empowers The Mind: 10 Steps to Identify, Educate, Heal & Empower The Youth Through The Artsdescribes how her pedophile ex plotted, planned and orchestrated the kidnapping of her 2 children via the Hague Convention to Germany in 2007. Once Tina realized she was up against a powerful international pedophile mafia organization she transformed her struggle into the Melo Project Runway Program that organizes events like The Indigo Ribbon Challenge; a fashion project that supports child abuse victims, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother Miriam Silver and her son Brian courageously share what it was like to be forcefully separated from each other for a period of 8 years! Miriam is the author of “Protecting My Child: – How a mother tries to protect her son and is placed on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List” and the founder of FACTs: Family Against Court Travesties. Miriam shares how she ended up in jail trying to protect Brian, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother Lacey Paige interviews Protective Mother Geerte, about the case of her daughter Jasmijn who was  brutally deported from The Netherlands to her abusive father in California, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children

Australian Protective Mother Elle Leon describes how Australian Family Court has placed her daughter in full custody of her ex who is an identified child molester! She hasn’t had any contact with her daughter for 5 years. Elle describes how thousands of Australian Protective Mothers and their children are victimized by corrupt Family Court and CPS practices every year. Protective Mother Coral Anika Theill also calls in on this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother and Activist Melissa Barnett of Mothers of Lost Children shares her story as well as the work her organization does to fight for Equal Rights, Human Rights and Social Justice for Mothers and Children, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube:

Protective Mother Jennifer Sisk shares how she lost custody of both her children to two different convicted felon fathers who conspired against her, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube: 

Protective Mother Lonna Anderson describes how she lost custody of her baby River to her abusive ex (and his father) who orchestrated River’s court-abduction via the help of multiple corrupt and retired judges, in this blog talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube: 

British Protective Mother Anita Duncan shares how she lost custody of her son and daughter to their abusive father in the USA via The Hague Convention which has resulted in her having barely any contact with them. Protective Mother Sarah from the UK joins in as well. They both talk about their collaborative advocacy work at nonprofit GlobalARRK which assists parents who are geographically “stuck” due to The Hague Convention in this block talk radio episode of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube: 

British Protective Mother Helene Falconer shares how she lost custody of her daughter to her abusive ex in New Zealand via the Hague Convention. The father does not allow her to know where her daughter lives and he uses Skype contact between her and her daughter as a continued tool of coercive control. Protective Mother Anita Duncan also joins the call, on this blog talk radio episode radio of Hell is for Children, also available on YouTube: 

Melissa Mottweiler is Host, Ron Burrill is Co-host, and Melanie Ross will be calling in to bring some of her personal experiences to THIS CONVERSATION. They will be talking about some of the illegal tricks that an estranged spouse will often successful use to get your children taken away from you, and hopefully, how to prevent it.


Why are Protective Mothers losing custody of their children to abusive fathers at pandemic rates and what can be done to stop this Mommicide? Investigative Journalist Mel Ve interviews Geerte Frenken about her extensive research results regarding the causes of Judicial Child Trafficking and possible solutions, in this special documentary episode of HELL IS FOR CHILDREN on CCNTV.

Coral Anika Theill lost custody of her eight children, including her nursing infant by coercive control through the patriarchal, fundamental, evangelical Christian church (cult) and the Oregon judicial system, when she sought safety and reported crimes committed by her abusive husband.

Protective Mother Lillian Song lost custody of her child to her abusive ex despite documented evidence of child abuse and molestation, and despite prior Orders of Protection against him.

Retired Domestic Violence Attorney, Author and Research Director Barry Goldstein explains why Protective Mothers are losing custody of their children to abusive fathers at pandemic rates and what the Stop Abuse Campaign is doing through the Safe Child Act to stop these gross human rights violations! Helpful tips especially for self-litigating Protective Mothers were discussed as well.

Protective Mother, Child Advocate and Author Maralee Mclean lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter to her abusive ex, despite reported medical evidence of sexual abuse and police reports stating abuse. She finally got her daughter back at age 12 after eight years of one-hour-a-week supervised visitations and endless litigation. Maralee McLean is the author of Prosecuted but Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children

Protective Mother, Domestic Violence survivor and well-known Activist Patrice Lenowitz spent nearly 7 years, and $250,000 fighting for her and her children’s rights to an abuse-free life when she tried to leave her abusive ex with her two young sons. She now offers lifelines of essential support to thousands of Protective Mothers through the Nurtured Parent Support Group and her collaboration projects with Lundy Bancroft.

Protective Mother and Child Advocate “Ruth Collins” lost custody, parental rights and visitation of her two children to her abusive ex when she spoke at a community forum about the dysfunction of the Maine Family Court system, and her Judge took revenge!

Domestic Violence survivor and Protective Mother Davida Sanchez lost custody of her son Jack when her children reported physical, sexual and emotional abuse by her abusive ex (who isn’t even the father of Jack). A CPS worker told Davida to go on the run with Jack but then ratted out her location to the cops to get a promotion! Davida was caught and thrown in jail where she was so severely abused that she almost died!

Are you a Protective Mother and has your abusive ex taught your child(ren) to reject you by vilifying you? Are you at your wits end trying to reach your estranged child(ren)? Then this show is for you! Jill Jones-Soderman MSW, MSHS, psychoanalyst and Forensic Expert offers insights and ways to cope.

Protective Mother “Nicole” lost custody of her son to her abusive ex despite the fact that her ex admitted in court to an addiction to hardcore porn and despite evidence that he exposed their son to extreme porn, alcohol and drugs since the age of 10.

Protective Mother Marre Wosten lost custody of her six children and all contact with them due to false allegations by her abusive ex and was jailed when she texted “I love you” to her 18-year old son at his High School graduation. The day after this show aired Live, the Judge in her case recused herself!

Protective Mother Karen Padavan lost custody of her two kids when her abusive ex claimed she couldn’t be a mom due to an ear infection and diabetes! Karen has been tenaciously fighting to get her kids back in a marathon decade of 96 court proceedings all the way up to the Supreme Court and getting 3 court officials yanked out of their positions! Her Judge Michael Conahan is now in Federal prison!

Protective Mother Jannell Eagan lost contact with her kids when her abusive ex falsely accused her of domestic violence and negligence. She battled 457 Family Court proceedings and faced the infamous tyrannical Judge Gorcyca who sentenced her to jail for 93 days when she attended a musical event at her son’s school!

Protective Mother Christi Maclaren lost custody of her 5-year old daughter to her abusive ex, despite the fact that her ex admitted to a severe drug addiction to methamphetamine and cocaine and despite evidence of child molestation.

Expert Dr. Debra Wingfield explains what Protective Mothers can do when dealing with an obsessive abusive ex, how to tackle Family Court situations in which coercive control by abusive fathers is usually not recognized, and how, ultimately, Protective Mothers and their judicially trafficked children can heal!

Protective Mother and Author Aleah Holland RN lost custody of her son to her abusive ex and wrote two very informative books about the dark, hidden agenda behind the judicial child trafficking pandemic.

Protective Mother Crystal lost custody of her kids to her child-molesting ex and was sentenced to 12 years in prison and 25 million $ bail when CPS told her to leave the jurisdiction. Her ex was charged with 6 counts of molestation, but was never jailed. Crystal’s story is shared by Grandmother Helen.

Protective Mother and Mothers of Lost Children Activist Melissa Barnett lost custody of her daughter to her child-molesting ex and faces 5 years in prison for delivering yellow roses to her daughter for her 15th birthday! She shares a wealth of information for other Protective Mothers.

Child Abuse Survivor “Brendan Byrne” was forced in to full custody of his abusive father together with his brother “JP,” when they were 10 and 12 years old. Through emotional and physical abuse their father ensured that they were completely deprived from their Protective Mother. 18 years later they were reunited with her as adults. Brendan introduced the memoir “Don’t Hug Your Mother” he and his brother wrote about their torturous experience. This interview is particularly helpful for Stolen Children as well. ***Since this interview aired, the brothers have courageously republished their book under their real names: Fintan and Gareth Murphy.

Domestic Violence Survivor and Protective Mother Radhika Pochampally lost custody of her two children to her abusive ex due to his false allegations of Parental Alienation Syndrome and has been cut off from all contact with them.

Protective Mother Amanda Vistein lost custody of her son to her abusive ex. When her 3-year son was molested by a family member in the household of her ex, her ex accused their son of instigating the molestation and had Amanda jailed on false allegations of kidnapping. Amanda is going after these judicial child traffickers with a massive Federal lawsuit!

Protective Mother Donna McCracken lost custody and contact with her daughter to her self-admitted child-abusing ex. When her daughter called her on the phone Donna was slammed with Contempt and her daughter was threatened with “Threat Therapy.”

Protective Mother Scotta Macdonald Campbell lost custody of her daughter to her abusive ex in an international custody battle, despite evidence of child molestation. Scotta describes the twists and turns of the immense complexity involved with international judicial sex-trafficking of children.

Protective Mother Tabatha Thebeau courageously shared how she lost parental rights of her 2 children to her abusive, criminal ex and his aunt, due to false allegations of mental illness and despite evidence of child molestation, abuse and neglect.

Protective Mother Marlena Frayji lost custody of her 3 children to her abusive ex-husband due to his false allegations of abuse that lead to a 10 year Criminal Protection Order, preventing any contact between her and her kids.

Protective Mother Becca Barnes lost custody of her 2 children to her abusive ex due to his false allegations of parental alienation and despite evidence of molestation, abuse and neglect.

Protective Mother Lyra lost parental rights of her 3 children to foster care when she attempted to get a restraining order against her abusive ex. Lyra founded the Coalition for Protection of Children and Families in order to raise awareness and offer support to other Protective Mothers!

Protective Mother Holly lost custody of her breast-feeding baby to her abusive ex as a result of his false allegations of kidnapping and despite evidence of abuse. Holly is not only writing a book about her experience but has also enrolled in to Law School to become an Attorney to fight for Protective Mothers and their children!

Protective Mother Janet Delfuoco shared how she lost custody of her son to her abusive ex due to his false allegations of mental instability and despite evidence of bank fraud.

Protective Mother Dawn Parent lost parental rights of her 3 kids to her controlling ex due to his false allegations of parental alienation and his false allegations of mental illness.

Silent Voices speaks to Protective Mom Geerte Frenken. In April 2014, when her daughter Jasmijn was 10 years old, Jasmijn was brutally deported from The Netherlands to her father in California, despite expert evidence of abuse, molestation and neglect by him and despite the fact that he admitted to the court that he had a severe drug addiction to heroin and cocaine.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime (ACES)










On THIS EPISODE of Engendered, Nancy S. Erickson, (J.D. Brooklyn Law School, LL.M. Yale Law School, M.A. Forensic Psychology John Jay College of Criminal Justice), a consultant on issues relating to law and psychology, particularly child custody evaluations and domestic violence, is interviewed about her current is interviewed about her current research and writing on custody issues, especially custody evaluations, laws regarding custody in cases where there has been domestic violence, and the use of parental alienation theories against mothers who are attempting to protect their children or themselves from abuse.

On THIS EPISODE of Engendered, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, a health psychologist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and the Owner & Editor-in-Chief of Praeclarus Press, a small press specializing in women’s health, Editor-in-Chief of two peer-reviewed journals: Clinical Lactation and Psychological Trauma, Fellow of the American Psychological Association in Health and Trauma Psychology, Past President of the APA Division of Trauma Psychology, and a member of the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest, is interviewed about violence, trauma, depression, breastfeeding, mothering and their intersection and impact in domestic violence and child custody cases.

On THIS EPISODE of Engendered, Julia Hochstadt, a therapist with over twenty years of expertise in working with victims of crime, trauma and interpersonal violence, including child abuse, rape and sexual assault and domestic violence, speaks about her clinical work serving survivors of trauma and interpersonal violence, the specific needs and challenges of working with this population, and suggestions for practice or policy reform that may help practitioners better help survivors.

On THIS EPISODE of Engendered, Dr. Tanja Jovanovic, Director of the Grady Trauma Project and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University with current research program focused on the Interaction of traumatic experiences, neurophysiology, neuroendocrinology, and genetic risk factors in mentor disorders in adults and children in high-risk populations, is interviewed about her work and its application to children witnessing abuse and its impact on their health, development and future risk factors which characterizes it as the same risk of harm to them as if the children had been abused directly.  Dr. Jovanovic’s research has wide-ranging implications for how courts and policymakers are treating intimate partner violence in new program pilot interventions.

A big THANK YOU to all the brave Protective Mothers and Stolen Children who dare to share their stories, and all the researchers and activists who have made it their life’s work to protect them!