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Mothers ReVolution assists Protective Mothers

Non-Profit Foundation Mothers ReVolution assists Protective Mothers with Pro Se legal counseling, media strategies, trauma counseling, support groups, retreats, training, and networking.

What is a Protective Mother?

A Protective Mother aims to protect her Child(ren) from Domestic Terrorists, which is an uphill battle in today’s global corrupt Family Court and CPS system that thrives on paternal entitlement, and operates as a for-profit corporation.

What is a Domestic Terrorist?

“Domestic Terrorism” does not only refer to a religious and/or political violent individual or group. Domestic terrorism is any act that Deprives a Mother and Child of contact with one another, which is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity. A Domestic Terrorist is anyone who maliciously interferes with the natural bond between Mothers and Children, and/or who inflicts other types of abuse on them. The main objective of a Domestic Terrorist is to physically and/or psychologically, emotionally, legally and financially torture Mothers, unjustifiably depriving them of contact with their Child(ren), with the ultimate aim of destroying the Mothers.

For the Child(ren), Maternal Deprivation causes Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), that can cause lifelong dramatic effects of trauma, such as depression, anxiety, self-harming, drug addiction, promiscuity, criminal behaviour, body image distortion, future violence victimisation and perpetration, chronic disease, adverse changes in brain development and suicide. It is the leading cause of death in adults. Domestic Terrorism has reached pandemic proportions; get the FACTS.

Our Approach

We are Mothers. We love our Children. We have gone through great lengths to Birth, Raise, Serve and Protect our Children at all costs. However, it all becomes futile when unprepared and unaware of the traps and corruption within the worldwide family law and legal systems. Our non-profit Foundation was founded by Protective Mommas and Court Warriors who have earned degrees at both the School of Hard Knocks as well as conventional educational institutions. We support Mothers and Children facing abuse, domestic and international child custody disputes, Hague Convention cases, and Civil Rights violations. Additionally, Mothers ReVolution aims to reform Constitutional Rights and Judicial Policies, in order to protect Mothers and Children. We are located worldwide.

Our Support Team

Our support team consists of experts in the following fields: Pro Se legal counseling, media strategy, psychology, support groups, retreats, training, communications, and networking. We are strategically located worldwide. We support Mothers facing Domestic Terrorists in divorce, domestic and international child custody disputes, Hague Convention cases, and civil rights violations.

Legal Specialty

We specialise in cases in the United States, which include international conflicts in Hague Convention procedures. We also assist European Protective Mothers with EU and UN complaints. We fight harder for you and your Child(ren) then any conventional attorney ever will. Not only because we are Protective Mothers who truly care, but also because we are not part of the Good Ol’ Boy network of local attorneys. Our legal strategies are truly out of the box and we are extremely persistent and tenacious. We teach you to fight Pro Se, so you can spread your expertise and become part of the Mothers ReVolution. We live and breath by the motto “There is Always a Way.”

Our Story

Our non-profit Foundation was created as a tribute to serve and support all loving Mothers who have been unjustifiably deprived of their Children and erased from their lives after encountering the heinous world of Domestic Terrorism. We have a true passion to hold such perpetrators accountable according to the Law, no matter who they are and in what capacity they perpetrate such crimes against humanity. Our ultimate aim is to reunite you with your Child(ren), by providing support services in legal matters, media strategies, trauma counseling, support groups, retreats, training, and networking, and to get massive damages to compensate you for your loss of time with your Child(ren).

Meet the Team

We truly understand the possible ramifications of dealing with Domestic Terrorists. So MAYBE this is us:

mothers revolution

Nika Sheridan

Founder and Executive Director

mothers revolution

Wendy McDonald

Founder, Director and on-staff Attorney

mothers revolution

 Our fabulous Expert Support Team

Mothers ReVolution handles your case with expertise and complete confidentiality. Your case will get the Full Throttle treatment: we will give it all we’ve got. We truly care, because we know what you are going through. And maybe one day, you will pass on your knowledge and expertise to another Protective Mother in need. Together we are the Mothers ReVolution.

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