Coping and Healing

Coping and Healing for Protective Mothers

Most, if not all Protective Mothers suffer from PTSD (‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder‘), as a result of dealing with Domestic Terrorists who are trying or have succeeded in unjustifiably interfering with their Motherhood. A better term would be PTSI, ‘Post Traumatic Stress Injury,’ as the ‘Disorder’ part is clearly on the side of the Domestic Terrorists. After all, no normal compassionate Human Being would deliberately subject the Mother of their Children to physical, psychological, emotional, legal, and financial torment, unjustly separating her from their Children, thus inflicting further harm on the Children themselves, all with the ultimate goal of destroying their Mother.

At some point some Protective Mothers may come to the understanding that their fight to retain or regain custody of their Children in order to Raise and Protect them in Safety and Peace is taking much longer than they first anticipated, if they can even accomplish this. The vicious nature of Domestic Terrorism that includes the players in the Family Court arena who, like parasites, financially feed off of torturing Protective Mothers until her Children are 18 is brutal and relentless. The barrage of conflicts, motions, and hearings that are continued and smeared out over many years and even decades (aka “The Drag,” “Chasing the Paper Tiger“) also known as Post-Separation abuse, or Legal Abuse, are aimed to wear her down, turning PTSD in to C-PTSD: Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which we hereby rename as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Injury for the same reasons mentioned previously.

Protective Mothers forcefully estranged from their Children for multiple years or indefinitely, intensely struggle trying to somehow continue to function with acute and persistent loss. Since their Children are still alive, there is no “closure,” and they are banned to the realm of “Not Knowing” as they have little or no information at all about their minor or adult Children. The excruciating grief suffered as a result is disabling, affects everyday functioning in a way that typical grieving does not, is not responsive to conventional treatment modalities and/or medications, ostracises them from society and in many cases leads to grave illness and early death. This torture is called Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) or Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder (PCBD). To date there are no specialized treatment or support modalities whatsoever that the hundreds of thousands Protective Mothers and their Children worldwide can access.

This page therefore addresses ways to cope, maintain and /or regain psychological and physical health, so we can Survive through the endless years of torture, and hopefully rebuild our lives and maybe even possibly have moments where we can Thrive again. Survival is crucial, as we need to stand strong against the avalanche of attacks on our Motherhood, to turn the tide and fight back; also to inform, inspire, unite and fight with other Protective Mothers, to empower ourselves and to be a solid Beacon of Hope for our Children, who, no matter how Stockholmed they may be, could possibly one day wake up to the toxic venom they’ve been fed, and come home.

The following Coping and Healing suggestions are based on informal interviews with Veteran Protective Mothers. Some coping and healing suggestions are conventional, others maybe unusual, and some are very much out of the box. Not all methodologies listed below may be suitable for you. Much scientific research results regarding (C)PTSD are based on combat veterans and some forms of therapy that are effective for them, such as Exposure therapy (EMDR), are not always necessarily suitable for survivors of, for example, sexual abuse. So make sure that the help you seek is suitable for your individual situation. We urge you to do your own research based on these suggestions and take full responsibility for your own Coping and Healing Journey.

Take time to learn to cope with PGD or PCBD, and hopefully heal your (C)PTSD; it is an unpredictable process that cannot be rushed. And on that note, if these Injuries are currently crippling you from taking actions along a healing path: so be it. Fighting against these Injuries can simply be too much of an uphill battle for the time being. Sometimes coping means breathing in and breathing out, you know? Whatever the depths of your despair may be, know that YOU MATTER! You matter to your kids, to us, and to this world. Your presence on this planet is crucial! Your very existence and refusal to bow down to the horrific patriarchal system we find ourselves in is exactly what is making that system crumble, bit by bit. So thank you for being you. Just the way you are. We know what you’re going through. We LOVE you. We CARE. Please don’t give up!


For Protective Mothers who have expressed a need for EMDR therapy but lack the means to afford it, we’ve developed this Self-Guided EMDR session. We hope it is helpful!


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