Call to Action for Protective Mother Tammy Noergaard!

Protective mother Tammy Noergaard needs your letters of support! She lost custody of her American kids to her abusive ex in Denmark despite evidence that he threatened to kill her and her children. Tammy’s Appeals case was dragged out over a 6 year period and by the time the Court of Appeal in California ruled on the matter, her Minor Child had aged out of the Hague Convention and the Court labeled the Appeal as “moot.” Listen to her 2016 interview on Hell is For Children.

Tammy Noergaard has taken her case to the InterAmerican Commission and Court for Human Rights (IACHR) and her case could lead to a Benchmark decision that can impact all Protective Mothers and their Children in California, the United States and around the world. Tammy needs Protective Mothers to send Amicus Curiae letters in support of her case. These letters can be as short or long as you want and you can attach exhibits about your case. Click the template:

Please submit your Amicus Curiae letter or brief citing the case number P-838-21 directly to the IACHR via email or snailmail to:

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Organization of American States
1889 F Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006
T. 1 202-370-9000
F. 202-458-3650

Tammy has a support team and this is what they state regarding the purpose of her OAS case:

“The purpose of this case is not just to get Justice for Protective Mother Tammy Noergaard and her Children. The outcome of this case can create positive change for Protective Mothers and their Children throughout the US and other countries around the world. What she is asking of the IACHR in this case:

§  An opinion from the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights to the State of California regarding the nature and scope of United States obligations for actors of the State of California under the American Declaration in light of the Inter-American Human rights treaties.

§  The proper hiring and training of specially trained judges and trauma experts in the California family courts and the California system in general, in the human rights which must be extended to protective mothers and children who have been subjected to domestic violence.

§  Equal social and legal protection and benefits in California to California litigants in family court cases, including in Hague cases, as the violent parent currently has in the foreign state.

§  Immediate and urgent introduction of effective laws and measures in California facilitating the prevention of and effective response to domestic violence and domestic violence by proxy, in this specific case and in general.

§  Urgent measures in California aimed at protecting California victims and their children of human rights violations from the potential ‘irreparable’ harm that they are exposed to. The rights of California residents and their Children to be free from economic abuse, as well as litigation, mental and physical abuse cannot continue to be ignored by California under their arbitrary interpretation of United States (US) Constitution, California Constitution, Human Rights treaties, and the Hague Convention. To allow Domestic Violence victims, Protective Mothers and their Children, to live in safety and peace in our own home in California.

§  Ban the use of the Family Courts being used as weapons in economic abuse and judicial system abuse against domestic violence victims, Protective Mothers, and Children to destroy families.

§  Effective protection from predatory practices of 3rd parties in family court private matters and limits on how much third parties can profit from private family matters that include death threats, domestic violence, domestic violence by proxy, and child abuse.

§  Intensive and specialized training in Human rights, economic abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, and domestic violence by proxy training for California authorities and the United States, such as in California courts, the district attorney’s offices, the United States Department of State, and social authorities. In situations where there has been a history of domestic violence the victim must not be economically penalized for trying to protect her child.

§  The introduction of effective and immediate protection for California Protective Mothers and their children from human rights, domestic violence by proxy, and economic abuse into the legal system and social system in California. This includes effective laws and application.”

Protective Mother Tammy Noergaard can be reached at 

Thank you for your support!