Attorneys Wall of Shame

Database of Attorneys and Guardian at Litems who intentionally interfered with Motherhood and caused Protective Mothers to lose custody of their kids to Domestic Terrorists. Also includes Attorneys who have bullied, extorted, bankrupted and otherwise legally abused Protective Mothers, their Children and their advocates.


Attorney Joseph Sawyer, Coffee County, Enterprise, AL
Attorney Jodie Thompson, Coffee County, Enterprise, AL
GAL/ attorney John McClung, Dale, Henry, and Houston Counties, AL (disbarred)
District Attorney Kirke Adams, Dale County, AL

Attorney Jeffrey Adams, Yavapai County, AZ
Attorney Daniel S Riley, The Harrian Law Firm, Glendale AZ
Attorney Kenneth A Winsberg, Phoenix AZ
Attorney Melissa Errico, Pima County, AZ
Attorney Kyle Scorsby, Phoenix, AZ
Attorney Dan Jensen, AZ
Attorney Donna Hougen, AZ
GAL Heidi Davis, Maricopa County, AZ
Attorney Tom Holz, AZ
Attorney Bryan Goodman, Cochise County, AZ (identified pedophile)
Attorney John Taber, Cochise County, AZ (identified pedophile)

GAL/Attorney Dawn Marie Stidd, AR
GAL/Attorney Greg Fallon, AR
Attorney Chris Higdon, Union County, AR

Attorney Kelly Reiter, Marin County, CA (admonished by the CA BAR Association)
Attorney Richard Duditch, Marin County, CA
Attorney Donna Glanz, Nevada County, CA
Attorney Richard Burton, Nevada County, CA
Attorney Maralee Nelder, Nevada County, CA
Attorney Jennifer Knops, Schoenberg Family Law, San Francisco CA
GAL/Children’s Attorney Gretchen Rubel, San Francisco, CA
Attorney Jennifer Ani, Marin County, CA
Attorney Renee M. Marcelle, Marin County, CA
The Family and Children’s Law Center, Marin County, CA
Attorney Alan Samson, San Francisco, CA
Attorney Mikaela West, Mendocino County, CA
Attorney Julie Spoligaric, Mendocino County, CA
Attorney Ruben Salazar, Fontana CA
Attorney Bonnie Lee Johnson, Walnut Creek, CA
Attorney Christiana Samuels, San Mateo County, CA
Minor’s Counsel Judith Lawrence, Contra Costa County, CA
Attorney Merritt Weisinger, Walnut Creek, CA
GAL Sheryl Edgar, CA
Children’s Attorney Sissie Barker, CA
District Attorney Jim Bacin, CA
Deputy District Attorney Leon S. Kousharian, CA
Attorney Paula Grohs, Oakland, CA
Attorney Daniel Schick, Walnut Creek, CA
Attorney Molly Laughlin, Oakland, CA
Attorneys Tom Tuttle of Seastrom and Seastrom and Minyard and Morris, Orange County CA
Attorney Keri Strunk, Orange County, CA
Attorney Kevin Harrison, Orange County, CA
Attorney Catherine Lawler, Orange County, CA
Attorney Elia Naqvi, Orange County, CA
GAL Cara Bender, Orange County, CA
Attorney James Mc Manis, CA
Attorney Robert Bruening, CA
Attorney Norma Lambert MacLeod, CA
Attorney William Hoy, Orange County, CA
Attorney Vivian Kral, San Mateo County, CA
Attorney Bradford Baugh, Santa Clara, CA
Attorney BJ Fadem, San Jose, CA
Attorney Sagi Schwartzberg, Los Angeles, CA
Attorney Pamela E. Pierson, CA (retired)
Attorney Bruce Schwartz, Santa Rosa, CA (deceased)
Attorney Julian Hubbard, Redwood City, CA
Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy, Riverside County, CA
Attorney Mary Carey, Walnut Creek, CA
Attorney Vincent W Davis, Los Angeles, CA

Attorney Leigh Auerbach of Smith & Cook Law Firm, Denver County, CO
Attorney Steve Cook of Smith & Cook Law Firm, Denver County, CO
Attorney Frank Vigil, Denver County, CO
Attorney Todd A. Browwnell of Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin,
Longmont, CO
Attorney Rebecca Pepin of Jorgenson, Brownell & Pepin, Longmont, CO
GAL Treva Hulk, CO
GAL Sarah Yarbrough, CO
Attorney Kristi Erickson, CO
Attorney Ryan Munro, Jefferson County, CO

Attorney Julie Porzio, CT
Attorney Louden Law, CT
Attorney James Hirshfield, CT
Attorney Christopher Hite, CT
Attorney/GAL Mary Brigham, CT
Attorney Stephanie Weaver, CT
Attorney General Deirdre Daly, CT (resigned)
Attorney William Cashman CT
Attorney Minor Child Bradford Barneys, CT (suspended for fraud)
Attorney/GAL Janis LaLiberte, Milford, CT
Attorney/GAL Rosa Rebimbas, CT
Attorney Reuben Midler, CT
GAL Michael Meehan, CT
Attorney Eugene R. Fidell, New Haven, CT
Attorney Lynda B. Munro, Bridgeport, CT
Attorney Colleen Ní Chairmhaic(Colleen Kerwick), CT
Attorney Louise Truax at Reich & Truax, PLLC, Southport, CT

Attorney Tomas Gay of Stumps Vickers and Sandy Law Firm, Sussex County, DE

GAL Douglas Tuttle, Melbourne, FL
Attorney Hugh Normile of Gray Robinson law firm, Melbourne,FL
Attorney Brion Blackwelder – Nova Law University and Law Clinic, Broward County, FL
Attorney Steven Berzner, Broward County, FL
Attorney Rae Eillen Chorowski, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attorney Melody Ridgley Fortunato, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attorney Lynnette Ann Ensign, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attorney Jay Arthur Schwartz, Boca Raton, FL
Attorney Michael J. Costantino, Boca Raton, FL
GAL Catherine W. Zippay, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attorney Matt Rhodes, Nassau County, FL
Attorney Kelleen L. Duncan-Neisler, Brevard County, FL
Attorney Jennifer Sardina, Miami-Dade County, FL
Attorney Jerry Adams, Broward County, FL
Attorney Broderick Taylor, Broward County, FL
GAL Manuel Segarra, III, Miami-Dade County, FL
Attorney Daniel Martinez, Brevard County, FL
Attorney Lisa Baird, Miami-Dade County, FL
Attorney Michele Biecker of Biecker Law, Brevard County, FL
Attorney Michael Savage, FL (suspended)
Attorney Mae Bradshaw, FL

GAL D. Carol Orleck, Coweta County, GA
Attorney Douglas Dryer, Coweta County, GA
Attorney John Duncan; Coweta County, GA
Attorney Georgia Lord (Judge Lane), GA
Attorney Krystal Moore (Judge Tusan), GA
Attorney Shatorree Bates, GA
Attorney Wendy Shoob, GA
Attorney, Camille Reddick, Atlanta, GA

Attorney Leslie Maharaj, Oahu, HI

Attorney Anne Kosha, Boise ID

Attorney Natalie Koga, Schaumburg, IL
GAL Jean Conde, Chicago, IL
GAL Gal, Anna Markley Bush, Cook County, IL
Attorney Meg Jackson, Cook County, IL
Attorney Joel De Grazia, Cook County, IL
Attorney Kristina B. Regal, Cook County, IL
Attorney James Macchitelli, Cook County, IL
Attorney Joseph Parisi, Cook County, IL
Attorney Wayne Johnson, Cook County, IL
Attorney Alan J. Toback, Cook County, IL
GAL Julie Marie Pirtle, Kane County, IL
Attorney Tiffany M. Hughes, Cook County, IL
GAL Wendy Musielak, Dupage County, IL

Attorney Linda LeBlanc, IN
Attorney Robert Plantz, IN

GAL Steven Ellis, Miami County, KS
Attorney Kevin Johnson Hazard, Perry County, KS
Attorney Michael Duma, Duma Law Offices, Johnson County, KS

Attorney Martha Maher, New Orleans, LA
Attorney Barbara Madere, New Orleans, LA
Attorneys Booth and Booth associates, New Orleans, LA
Attorney Stacy Williams, New Orleans, LA
Attorney Bob Lowe, New Orleans, LA
Attorney Jeffrey Hoffman, New Orleans, LA

Attorney Mae Bradshaw, ME

Attorney Bethany Brown, Plymouth county, MA
Attorney Betsy Clague from Brockton, MA
GAL Alice Pusatari from Barnstable Probate, MA
Attorney Mae Bradshaw, MA
GAL Margaret Kierstein, MA

Attorney Candyce Abbatt, Oakland County, MI
Attorney Daniel Hess Jr., Kent Co, MI
Attorney Keri Middleditch Wigod, MI

Attorney Kathy Hart, Dakota County and Hennepin County, MN
Attorney Patricia Wormwood, Dakota County and Hennepin County, MN
Attorney/GAL Natosha Solem-Walker, Dakota County and Hennepin County, MN
GAL Jean Harriman, Dakota county and Hennepin County, MN
GAL Shiree Engstrom Oliver, MN
GAL supervisor: Pam Stocco, MN
GAL Manager: Alex Miller, MN
Attorney Tami Lynn Peterson, MN
Attorney Jon Sarff, MN
Attorney Linda Heine, MN
Attorney Charles (Chuck) Hanson, MN
Attorney M Sue Wilson, MN
Attorney Marc Kurzman, MN
GAL Marilyn Mueller, Brown County, MN.
GAL Shiree Oliver, Brown County, MN
Attorney Johnathon Fogel, MN
GAL Ramona M. Olson, MN
GAL Susan D. Olson, MN
GAL Jamie Manning, MN
GAL Heather Feikema, Rice County, MN
Attorney Ryan Blair Magnus, MN
Attorney Elizabeth Moore, MN
Attorney Michael S. Gaarder, MN
Attorney Stacy Lundeen, MN
Attorney Kari N. Kanne, MN
Attorney Jennifer E. Joseph, MN

Attorney John (Robin) White, Jackson, MS
GAL/Attorney Ginger Miller, Tate and Desoto County, MS
Attorney Sarah Liddy, Desoto County MS

GAL Elaine Pudlowski of Frankel, Rubin, Klein, Siegel, Payne & Pudlowski, P.C., MO
Attorney Sarah S. Pleban, MO
Attorney Deborah Henry of Curtis, Heinz, Garrett, and O’Keefe, P.C., MO
Attorney Josh Brown of Pointer, Blackburn & Brown Law Office, P.C, Mountain Grove, Wright County, MO
Attorney/GAL Lee Pipkins of Pointer, Blackburn & Brown Law Office, P.C, Mountain Grove, Wright County, MO
Attorney John Moody, Mountain Grove, Wright County, MO
Attorney/GAL Keri Smith of Marler Law Partners, St. Louis, MO
Attorney Larry V. Swall at Swall Hutchings & Associates LLC, Liberty, MO

Attorney Todd Hillier Esq., MT
GAL Jenny Bjelland, MT
GAL Chris Hahn, MT

GAL George Larocque, Hillsborough County, NH
Attorney Peggy Small Esq., Hillsborough County, NH
GAL Bruce J. Wechsler, Rockingham County, NH
Attorney Mae Bradshaw, Rockingham County, NH
Attorney Brad Collins, Hillsborough County, NH
Attorney Brian Kenyon, Rockingham County, NH
Attorney Sandra Kuhn, Merrimack County, NH
Attorney Jeffrey A. Runge, Merrimack County, NH
Attorney Frank Cimler, Rockingham County, NH
Attorney Ellen Joseph, Hillsborough County, NH
GAL Kathleen Sternenberg, Nashua County, NH
Attorney Keri Marshall, Rockingham County, NH

Attorney James Rosenberg, Burlington County, NJ
Attorney Peter Van Aulen, Bergen County, NJ
Attorney Alexandra Stremler, Bergen County, NJ

Attorney Vivian Strache, Steuben County, NY
Attorney James Burd, Steuben County, NY
Attorney Christopher Tunney, Steuben County, NY
Attorney Shaun Suaro, Steuben County, NY
Attorney Robert Groff, Steuben County, NY
Attorney Lucy Gold, esq., Ithaca, NY
Attorney John Macklin, Queens, NY
GAL Kristin Arcuri Esq., Erie County, Buffalo NY
Attorney Jae Young Kim, Queens, NY
Attorney Brenda Bauer, Queens, NY
Attorney Barbara Dildine, Queens, NY
Attorney Harriet Holtzman, Queens, NY
Attorney Judith Kramer, Queens, NY
Attorney Amy Ingram of Ingram Law, Kingston, NY
Attorney Claire Durst Zimmerman, Ulster County, NY
GAL Donna McCabe, Nassau County, NY
Attorney Sharon Stiller, Monroe County, NY
Attorney Emily Singer, Long Island, NY
GAL Theresa Mari, Long Island, NY
Attorney Florence M. Fass, Long Island, NY
Attorney Colleen Ní Chairmhaic (Colleen Kerwick), NY

GAL/Attorney: George Jenkins, Lenoir County, NC
GAL Christine Farrell, New Hanover County, NC
Attorney Brad Honnold, Mecklenburg County, NC
GAL Colleen Kosinski, Lenoir County, NC
Attorney Heather Nichols Cooke, Cumberland County, NC
Attorney Alonzo B. Coleman Jr., Orange County, NC
Attorney Eugene Carr, Henderson County, NC
District Attorney Greg Newman, Henderson County, NC
GAL Sara Royster, Forsyth County and Guilford County, NC

GAL Teresa Fout, Stark County, OH
Attorney Manisha Bansal Kotian, Warren County, OH
GAL/attorney Kyra Raimey, Haughey & Niehaus LLC, Mason OH
GAL Kristen Brown, Richland County, OH
GAL Andy Warhola (Also a magistrate part time) Guernsey County, OH
Attorney Elizabeth Murray, Cincinnati, OH
Attorney John D. Sayre, Nicola at Gudbranson & Cooper LLC, Cleveland, OH
Attorney Amy Berman Hamilton at Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, LLC, Cleveland, OH
GAL, Lisa A. Miller, Findlay, OH
Attorney/GAL Chelsea Long, Franklin and Fairfield County, OH

GAL Christine Gronlund, District Court Public Defender’s office, OK County, OK
Attorney Julie Fulton, OK
Attorney Lawrence Goodwin, OK
Attorney Stephanie Marsden Youngs, OK
Attorney Matthew Eisert, OK
Attorney Bill Hoskison, OK

Attorney Mark Lawrence, McMinnville, OR
Attorney Daniel Van Eaton, Polk County, OR
District Attorney John Fisher, Polk County, OR (former)
District Attorney Beth Heckert, Jackson county, OR
District Attorney Dan Ousley, OR
Attorney Greg Oliveros, OR
GAL/Attorney Lee Tyler, OR
Attorney Bruce Orr, OR
Attorney Scott Leonard, Portland, OR

Attorney Leslie Bryden, Bloomsburg, PA
Attorney Stephanie T. Anderson, Pittsburgh, PA
Attorney Nathan D. Lyle, Butler, PA
Attorney Ryan A. Mergle, Pittsburgh, PA
Attorney Lisa C. Peluso, Lower Burrell, PA
Attorney Elizabeth A. Beroes, Pittsburgh, PA
Attorney Cori S. Dunn, Zelienople, PA
Attorney Julie R. Colton, Pittsburgh, PA
Attorney Armand R Cingolani, Butler,PA
GAL Lori Doerr from Butler County PA
Attorneys Robert E. Angst, Bucks County, PA
Attorneys Valerie Rosenbluth Angst, Bucks County, PA
Attorney Leonard Junker, Luzerne county, PA
Attorney Andrew Sissinni, Erie, PA
Attorney Henry Borger, Warren, PA
Attorney Kerith Strano Taylor, Jefferson County, PA
Attorney Kenelm Shirk III, 71, Cornwall, Lebanon County, PA (jailed due to Domestic Violence)

GAL/Attorney Sharon O’Kiefe, RI
Attorney Neville Bedford, RI

Attorney David King, Minnehaha County, SD

Attorney Megan Woodson, Davidson county, TN
Attorney Trudy Bloodworth, Davidson county TN
Attorney Browder Williams, Kingston county, TN (retired)
GAL Shari Myers, Shelby county, TN

GAL Terri G. Wilson, Cleburne, TX
Attorney Mark Lane Law Offices, Fort Worth, TX
Attorney Claudio Flores, El Paso, TX
Rob Kimmons Agency, TX works with Attorneys and Judges
Attorney/GAL Michael George, TX
GAL Jennifer Bell Richardson, TX
Attorney Shelly B West, TX
District Attorney, Gregg Willis, TX
Attorney Brian Walters, Houston, TX
Attorney Lynn Jurek, Houston, TX
GAL Robin Day, Houston TX
Attorney Rynda Halter, Carrollton, TX
Attorney Michael Somanek, Dallas, Texas
Attorney Rick Ramos, Houston, TX
Attorney Golda Jacob, Houston, TX
Attorney Gary Pollard, Houston, TX
Attorney Lynn Kamin, Houston, TX
Attorney Carel Stith, Houston, TX
Attorney Alice O’ Neill, Houston, TX
GAL Lara Nixon, Austin, TX
Attorney Jessica Janicek of KoonsFuller Family Law, Dallas
Denton, Houston, Plano, Southlake, TX
Attorney Laurie Robinson at Robinson and Smart, Arlington, TX
Attorney Paula Bennett at ONDA Family Law, Dallas, TX
Attorney Keith Nelson at ONDA Family Law, Dallas, TX
GAL Jana Foreman, Brazos County, TX
Channa Borman, Brazos County, TX
GAL Randy Michel, Brazos County, TX

Attorney Coopersmith, Burlington, VT

GAL/Attorney Isabel Kaldenbach, VA
Attorney Megan Wood, VA
Attorney Donnie Colton, VA
Attorney Debra Bray, VA

Attorney Andrew J. Pincus at Mayer Brown LLP, DC
Attorney Charles A. Rothfeld at Mayer Brown LLP, DC
Attorney Paul W. Hughes at McDermott Will & Emery, DC
Attorney Michael B. Kimberly at McDermott Will & Emery, DC

Attorney Nathan Cliber, King County, WA
Prosecutor Jamie Johnston, King County, WA
Attorney Mason Pickett of Defoe Pickett Law, Kennewick, WA
GAL Jeff Little, WA
Attorney Gordon Stoa, Spokane, WA
Attorney J. Ann Farnsworth, Spokane, WA
Attorney Gary Stenzel, Spokane, WA $4000
Attorney Gloria Finn Porter, Spokane, WA and Idaho
Attorney/GAL Gerri Newell, Spokane and Seattle, WA
Attorney Heidi Ellerd of Kuffel, Hultgrenn, Klashke, Shea & Ellerd, LLP, WA
GAL/Attorney Scott Mawson, Whatcom County, WA
Attorney Larry Besk, WA
Attorney Alex Styve of Crandall, O’Neill, Imboden & Styve, P.S., Cowlitz County, WA
GAL/Attorney Amy Wade, Cowlitz County, WA

GAL/Attorney Lee Benford Jackson County, WV
GAL/Attorney Damon Morgan of PT. Pleasant, WV (practicing in Jackson County, WV)

GAL/Attorney Carrie Miljevich, Rhinelander, WI
Court commissioner/GAL Deb Hatfield, Oneida county, WI
Attorney/GAL Eric Hendrickson, Waupaca Cty, WI
Attorney/GAL Robyn Blader, Wood Cty, WI

Attorney Monica C. James of Studio Legale James, Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Attorney Alessia Beghini, San Pietro in Cariano, Verona, Italy
Attorney Barbara Maria Lanza of Studio Legale Lanza, Verona, Italy
Attorney Marika De Bona of Studio Legale Lanza, Verona, Italy
Attorney Sartori of Studio Legale Sartori, Verona, Italy
Attorney Maria Jose Carrascosa, UK and Spain
Attorney Ben Krasostein, Melbourne, Australia
GAL Anthony Smith, Australia
GAL Barbara Davies, Australia
ICL/GAL Marlene Ebejer, Melbourne, Australia
GAL Patrick Fitzgerald, Tasmania
GAL Paul Mason, Tasmania
Attorney/Barrister Madeleine Ogilvie, Tasmania
Attorney/Barrister Anna Grant, Tasmania
Attorney Matthew Verney, Tasmania
Attorney Joseph Peterson, Tasmania
Attorney/Barrister Phillip Mcveity, Tasmania
Lawyer Jill Prentice, Tasmania
Attorney J. Weermeijer, The Netherlands
Attorney J. Mulder, The Netherlands
Attorney L. Lesmeister, The Netherlands
Attorney Richard Korver, The Netherlands
Attorney Paul Denmead, Lismore, New South Wales
Attorney Steven Tester Ballina, New South Wales
Attorney Casandra Benette, Bangalow, New South Wales
Attorney Nikki Broukland Ballina, New South Wales
Barristors Simon Priestly Of Lismore Chambers, Lismore, New South Wales
Attorney Debbie Morton, New South Wales (disbarred)
Attorney Anne Marie Hutchenson-Red Lion Square, London, UK
Attorney Michael Edwards, London, UK
GAL Dear Love, UK
GAL Rachel Keany, Brighton, UK
Attorney Clair Roberts, London, UK
Attorney Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Attorney Kathleen Linton, Alberta Canada
Attorney April Kellet, Alberta Canada
GAL Carol Chandler, Alberta Canada
Attorney Rajan Chettiar, Singapore
Attorney Franca Ciambella, Singapore
Attorney Peter Kristian Ellegaard, Singapore


attorney wall of shame

Disclaimer: Mothers ReVolution is a non-profit organisation. Database Attorneys Wall of Shame information is voluntarily shared and collected by Protective Mothers worldwide. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, Mothers ReVolution or its employees, agents or representatives are not responsible for the accuracy of this database.