Hague Cases

Database of Protective Mothers who have lost custody and often all contact with their Children through the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

The Hague Convention decides purely on jurisdictional matters and does not consider domestic violence, pedophilia and child abuse when deporting children, which it actually should, according to Article 13b in that Treaty.

In its current, outdated form, The Hague Convention Treaty does not serve the modern mobility of the “Global Village.” Domestic Terrorists worldwide exploit the Treaty in order to sever the Mother-Child bond. They achieve this by allowing Mothers and Children to return to the country of origin of the Mother, to then later claim she abducted the kids. The kids then get deported to the Father’s country and most Mothers cannot follow their kids. Please note that so-called “undertakings” and domesticated orders are not honoured in almost all cases.

As such, The Hague Convention Treaty has become a vicious Fathers’ Rights Deportation Treaty. Our legal experts specifically target such International Domestic Terrorists, and punish them to the fullest extent, via the Letter of the Law, as these Domestic Terrorist are truly among the most cruel and sadistic perpetrators.

Additionally, we aim to change the Hague Convention Treaty. “Habitual Residence” should be changed to “Habitual Parent,” with global Jurisdiction for the Children. All Court proceedings should be conducted in the English Language, with orders enforceable worldwide. A United Nations Oversight Committee must ensure and enforce proper implementation of the Treaty of participating countries. The Hague Convention Treaty is not only woefully outdated, it is downright discriminatory against Protective Mothers and their Children. If reform is not on the agenda of the men running this Treaty in Geneva, we demand complete abolishment.

Here are some public Hague Convention cases:

Anita Duncan


Beth Alexander

Cassandra Hasanovic (murdered)

Cindy Lee Newell

Claire Benoit

Courtney Greenleaf

Erin Eddy

Erika Hansen


Holly Collins

Helene Falconer

Joanna van Bijsterveld

Joanna McDowell

Juana Rivas


Leigha Collins

Michelle Monasky

Marika Taylor

Martine Nipshagen

Maria Jose Carrascosa

Melinda Stratton

Narkis Golan

Olivia Weilharter

Radhika Pochampally

Stacey Jackson

Sarah Nixon

Sarah Marie

Sarah Jane O’Brien

Scotta McDonald Campbell

Sonja Piribauer

Tammy Noergaard

Tina Kufner

Tracy Glover

Tracy Rogers

Victoria McKay


Mary Lou French

Carol Gobey

Amy Betts

Lerai Koppel

First Nations Mother






Special needs toddler twin boys legally kidnapped from California to Italy by their absent father

It’s been 10 long months since I’ve seen or held my 2 years and 7 months old twins; their father has not allowed me or their maternal grandparents to have any contact with them. No Skype and no phone calls. From one day to the next; I was taken from my boys’ life and a state judge handed these precious special needs boys to a stranger (their father, who had walked away from their lives by choice). I never thought I would be separated from them. My boys have been legally kidnapped and are being retained and the boys’ right to have a relationship with both parents is being completely disregarded. They have been ripped away from their mother’s loving arms, their Grandparents, Uncle, friends, their therapies and everything they had ever know. I never knew that babies could be taken from their mother’s arms especially since I had been their primary care taker. My husband was in and out of their life by choice and always knew of the boys’ whereabouts. My husband and my plan from day one were to move to the U.S. I was hospitalized in Italy and was not allowed to fly to the U.S. while pregnant because the doctor refused to sign my flight certificate. I was even hospitalized against my will even though my pregnancy had been healthy. Our marriage had been rocky since the birth of our twins. My husband began to threaten to disappear with the boys if I continued to breastfeed our boys and if I didn’t do as he said. I still believed that the move to California would help get back to a good place in our marriage since we would have help from my family. When the boys were 4 months we got one way tickets to California. We packed our belongings. We had already bought and shipped cribs, high chairs, swings, stroller, and toys to my residence in California. We never purchased any of those things in Italy because our plan had always been to move to California. The four of us flew back together. After trying to work on our marriage for more than six month, one day he decided to leave our residence. At that point he closed our bank account. I was a stay at home mom and he was our means of support. I ended up having to go back to work part time so that I could still be at home with our babies. At the boys’ one year doctor’s appointment I discussed some of my concerns in their development as they were not reaching their milestones. After an assessment by specialists I was told that one of the twins had cerebral palsy and the other was autistic. The boys right away began early-start therapy. They were being seen by therapists 3 days out of the week. My husband had completely disappeared and we had no communication; he was still in the U.S. but had not contacted us not even for the boys’ 1 year birthday. News got back to me that my husband was hiring an attorney to divorce me so I ended up hiring an attorney I served him with divorce papers and in return he filled a false Hague convention case against me. I had never retained nor abducted our children. Unfortunately I didn’t have the means to hire a competent attorney while he had DA and a law firm on his side. The Judge said that he was not familiar with The Hague Convention and that he would have to research on The Hague Convention on Child abduction, he also said he would get guidance from the district attorney (since the DA was there as a “friend of the court”). During day 1 of The Hague trial my attorney convinced me to try and reconcile with my husband because our children would be sent back to Italy with my husband I became so scared that I agreed. My witnesses, who included the boys’ therapist, were not even given the opportunity to testify. After a trial period my husband hired another attorney, and pursued The Hague case against me, I no longer had an attorney. I pleaded to the Judge to give me an extension to retain another attorney my request was denied and a trial date was set. I was able to retain attorney with borrowed money to appear for the second day of trial; none of my witnesses could attend. The Judge orders came via email and I was told I needed to hand over my boys to their father because they were going to be sent back to Italy. My attorney was trying to work with his and the D.A. in order to set a right of access so that I would be allowed to communicate with my boys but we were told instead that if I didn’t return the boys immediately the D.A. would issue a warrant for my arrest. I ended up having to hand over my babies to their father. From the day I handed them over I have not had any contact with my babies.

They were 21 months old at this time. I don’t know if they are continuing with their therapy because their father has now legally kidnapped them and I have been cut out of their lives completely. Everything these two babies ever knew was taken from them. These babies will lose cultural and linguistic heritage. At no moment was the best interest of my babies taken into consideration. They have become motherless.

French woman used as baby oven for an old American man
I had briefly known my future husband A. as an acquaintance when I lived in the Bay Area in 1996. A decade later, having long ago returned to my home in Paris, we began a romantic correspondence and a plan to start a family. I wanted to adopt a Cambodian child; he wanted his own biological child. I was 39, and he was 58. Being in love, I agreed to a fertility test upon his insistence when he visited me in April 2007. Because we agreed to be a family, I quit my job in Paris and moved to California. According to court documents, soon after I arrived, and unbeknownst to me, A. realized that he had made “a terrible mistake” to become involved with me. He did not want to be a husband, at least to me.Yet, he impregnated me anyway. Recognizing his deficits, I returned pregnant to France, where I gave birth to our daughter, SCP. A., having consulted with an attorney, “wooed me” (his words) and married me only to get “his” child, to bring her back to USA.My daughter spent her first year alone with me in Paris. Her father applied to DHS for us to join him, including signing (a document) stipulating his continued support, even despite divorce.We joined him in the USA March 4, 2009. A year later, I was shocked to be presented at the door with divorce papers. This is considered a sham marriage. I was not allowed to make child rearing, financial, or homemaking decisions. SCP was forced to attend preschool, despite my being the primary care caregiver, and despite SCP’s aggressive resistance.She was sent to therapy at 3 years of age.In 3 years, I went from 100% custody, to 50%, to 13% to practically zero. No doubt this was the plan all along. I lost spousal support, and thus my home, job, my health, and now my daughter. A. had assets to liquidate to pay for attorneys, mediators, and therapists. It was an unfair and unethical fight, damaging our daughter.SCP, at 7, is in weekly therapy for the transitions forced upon her. She may not make any of her own decisions, including talking to me (limited to 10 minutes), or seeing her friends. She has no privacy or independence.
Her father also wants her to change schools, pleading poverty; she will then lose her friends, her French language and culture, as well as her mother. SCP has no American family as A. controls and is possessive of her, and has alienated his own relatives. She is a French citizen, not allowed to visit the country of her birth.

Two girls scared for life by the kidnapping of their father
In May of 1998 I married in the United States to an US Citizen man.
I am a Dutch citizen myself. Out of this marriage my 2 daughters were born, consecutively in 2004 and 2007. In 2009, I divorced the father.At that time, I requested to move with the children to the Netherlands.
Father objected, and the legal battle started for 9 heinous months. The lawsuits were countless, and drained me emotionally, physically, and financially.
I left the US, and moved back to the Netherlands, without my daughters, ages 5 and 2.In March of 2012, a jury granted me sole custody of my 2 daughters (ages 8 and 6 then) and given permission to permanently move to the Netherlands with them.In October 2012 my ex-husband filed a Hague Child Abduction suit against me, claiming that I had abducted them to the Netherlands. He requested the Dutch court for them to be returned to the US.The Dutch Court in the Hague ruled that the children were legally brought to the Netherlands, and his request to return was denied.In October 2012, father obtained sole custody of the children in the USA, without me having been properly served or being able to object. He obtained the order in Hays County, Texas.In May of 2013, both of my 2 daughters were abducted by their father.
This happened during a 4-day unsupervised visit with them in Netherlands.
We believe he fled back to the US via Germany. The order granting the father sole custody was declared null and void a few weeks after the abduction, giving me full legal custody again.
I flew to the US twice, after it costed me at least 12K in legal fees. It took 2 months to get them back in my arms again. Two years have passed, and they still suffer from post-traumatic stress, and are currently in therapeutic care. The legal and emotional abuse my children and myself were subjected to has
left its scars, deep and permanent. May this story illustrate the crippling madness a mother and her children have to go through.. to be heard, believed, and to be reunited.

Two US boys retained in Panama against their mom’s consent
I am a 46 year old mother who was born in Florida and raised in NC and Texas.
I met and married my Houston, Texas raised husband, in January 2000 when we were both in our early 30’s. We are both U.S. Citizens. Shortly after we were married, J moved to Bocas del Toro, Panama to build a small eco-lodge with another couple he knew prior to our marriage, also from Houston, JK and RK.RK moved into our house and we both supported our husbands for over 5 years financially (over $300,000.00 personally from my income and an inheritance from my deceased father) to build the eco-lodge with the idea that we would live there for no more than 2 years and then return to Houston to raise our children and be close to friends and family, living off the income from the property.J and I went on to have 2 sons. S was born in Houston in 2002 and I raised him by myself for 2 years before relocating to Panama in 2004. P was born 6 weeks premature in Panama City, Panama in 2008. Both children have US passports and P has dual-citizenship. After constant stress and fighting, mainly with JK and RK, the marriage finally broke down in 2010.My family had been forced to live in the same house on an isolated island away from schools, parks, friends, family, etc. with JK and RK for over 10 years now with no change in sight. I would never have agreed to relocate to Panama had I known that I would never have a home of my own for my family and be so isolated from everything after always living in big cities.The 2 year maximum relocation promise was now a permanent one and because we sold our house in Houston to finance the lodge, I was now considered a Panamanian resident and subject to their laws which included not being able to return to the US with the children but having absolutely no way to support myself and the children in Panama. I certainly would never had agreed to move to Panama had it meant I could never leave again.I was granted primary custody of the children on a nearby island with schools, parks, etc but it took another 2.5 years of borrowing money from family for an attorney and basic living expenses to finally get exit papers for myself and both children.
I then found out over 6 months later that my attorney had misled me and the restriction keeping the children in Panama had not been permanently lifted.When J filed under the Hague Treaty for the return of the children to Panama, they were returned with no stipulations for visitations even though I still had and have primary custody of the children in Panama. I have had no cooperation with the US or Panamanian Courts and have not seen my children in over 2 years with the exception of a brief visit with my youngest when he was ripped from my arms and locked inside the communal house by J.
My rights were violated by being forced to live in poverty in a 3rd world country or choosing to live without my children to protect us all. My rights have been violated by granting me primary custody but only if I stay in Panama where I cannot support them and we all are permanently separated from friends, family and opportunities to work. My children’s rights have been violated by forcing them to live in an isolated communal environment away from other children, schools, social and cultural activities, their mother and all family members. They have not been given the opportunity to speak with a judge, guardian ad litem or social worker in almost 3 years to discuss their needs and preferences. I love and miss my children so much and you cannot imagine the agony of being separated from them due to no fault of their own and my own naivity of international laws.
The children deserve to have both parents in their lives and as US Citizens the right to live in the US and visit their father in Panama on school vacations and summers.

Dutch/ French Child taken to the Middle East by the father
Father didn’t want child and broke up with mother during pregnancy. They got back together and lived in The Netherlands (mother Dutch, father French) with their son for eight years. Then moved to the Middle East for father’s job in 2013. Mother gave up a good job in the Netherlands to join.
Mother informed herself before leaving and was wrongly informed by a lawyer who said she was specialized in international child law. Lawyer advised to add clause to prenup that mother would always be allowed to return to the Netherlands with son if she so wished.
Prenup was of course overruled by The Hague Convention once family moved to Middle East. When the couple divorced (under Dutch law), mother was forced to return to the Netherlands alone early 2015 as she could not obtain a work visa in the Middle East and father refused to pay alimonies so that she would have been able to stay. Dutch divorce covenant and parenting plan cannot be enforced in the Middle East.
Child wants desperately to return to the Netherlands and has told his mother, father, aunt, cousin and friends. Father won’t let him go. Mother is now working at minimum wage in the Netherlands and cannot afford to buy tickets to see her son as often as she and her son would wish.
Father has threatened to use sharia law (children older than seven belong to the father, son is nine) against the mother although neither of them are muslims. Mother has decided to keep low profile for now to be able to be in contact with her son.


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