Custody Evaluators Wall of Shame

Database of Custody Evaluators who intentionally interfered with Motherhood and caused Protective Mothers to lose custody of their kids to Domestic Terrorists. Most of these Custody Evaluators subjected Protective Mothers to the MMPI test during their evaluations. According to the U.S. Department of Justice the MMPI test is not suitable for victims of Domestic Terrorism; it is used to make Protective Mothers look “unstable,” and take custody away from them. This list also includes quacks and mental health “professionals” who force Children in to contact with Domestic Terrorists in so-called “Reunification Camps.” 


Dr. John Moran, Maricopa County, AZ
Dr. Carlos Jones, Maricopa County, AZ
Holly Jindrick Joubert, Pima County, AZ
Michelle K. Wolfgram, Maricopa County, AZ
Dr. Ronn Lavit, PhD, Maricopa County, AZ
Celice Korsten, PsyD. Maricopa County, AZ

Kevin Dugan, Nevada County, CA
Diana DeVilliers, LA County, CA
David Garland, Orange County, CA
Alan Leiberman, Orange County, CA
Carolyn Cater Nishimoto, Orange County, CA
Miriam Galindo, Orange County CA
Duke Bussey, Orange County, CA
Sheryl Edgars, Orange County, CA
Nathan Lavid, LA County, CA
Dr. Michael Kerner, Santa Clara County, CA
Terry Johnston, Santa Clara County, CA
Dr. Kenneth Perlmutter, San Mateo County, CA
Dr. Kristina Roberts, Orange County, CA
Sophia Engle, Contra Costa County, CA
Kim Mallock, Stanislaus County, CA
Sandra Lucas, Stanislaus County, CA
Kimberly Underwood, Stanislaus County, CA
Janelle Burrell O’Donnell, Sacramento County, CA
Randy Rand, Marin County, CA (disciplined by Board of Psychology: lost his license)
Leslie Drozd, PhD, Orange County, CA
Dr. Craig Childress, LA County, CA
Matthew Sullivan, PhD, Palo Alto, CA
Philip M. Stahl, PhD, ABPP, San Diego, CA
Dorcy Pruter, CA
Jacqueline Singer, Sonoma County, CA
Stephen Newton, Santa Clara County, CA (lost his license)
Rebecca Bailey, Ph.D, Sonoma County, CA
Lynn Steinberg, PhD, Los Angeles County, CA
Randall Kolin, Contra Costa County, CA
Dr. Jane Ellen Shatz, Los Angeles County, CA
Leslie Packer, Ph.D., San Mateo County, CA
Renee LaFarge, San Mateo County, CA

Steve Gimpel, Boulder County, CO
Dr. Edie Israel, Boulder County, CO
Monte Atkinson, Boulder County, CO
Janet Weber, Boulder County, CO
Jean LaCrosse, Jefferson County, CO
James D Hoysick, Adams County, CO
Leona Kopetski, CO (deceased)
Dr. Claire Purcell, PhD, Denver, CO
Bill Fyfe, Jefferson County, CO

Brad Broeder, Sarasota County, FL
Jerold Stone, Sarasota County, FL
Dr Katherine McKay, Pinellas County, FL
Robert A. Evans, Ph.D., Clearwater, FL
Denise Baier, Lee County, FL
S. Richard Sauber, Ph., Boca Raton, FL
Joseph Goldberg at Goldberg & Associates, Winter Park, FL
Dr. Caddy, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
Dr. Christina Hansen Cohen, Lee County, FL
Dr. Kyle Goodwin, Orange County, FL
Robin Siebold, Seminole County, FL

Dr. Amy Holsten, Augusta, GA

Dr. Phyllis Amabile, Chicago, IL

Jonni Gonso PhD, Hamilton County, IN
Elgan Baker PhD, Marion County, IN
Amy Armstrong, Marion County, IN

Dr. Hazel, Johnson County, KS
Terri Harris, of Harris & Henderson, Leavenworth County, KS
Dawn Wake, Johnson County, KS

James P Gilfoil, Madison Parish, LA
Dr. Loretta Sonnier, New Orleans, LA
Susan Andrews PHD, Mandeville, LA
Tim Kemery, New Orleans, LA
Betsey Backe, New Orleans, LA

Eric Mart, Ph.D., ABPP, Rockingham County, ME
Jennifer Stevens, Kennebec County, ME

Eric Mart, Ph.D., ABPP, Suffolk County, MA
Steven Shapse, PhD, Middlesex County, MA
Anne Westcott, Middlesex County, MA
Pat Brady, Middlesex County, MA
Peggy Ward, Middlesex County, MA
David Medoff, Middlesex County, MA
Dr. Robin Deutsch, PHD, Wellesley Hills, MA

Cara Lemmen, Kent County, MI
Daniel Swerdlow-Freed, Oakland County, MI
Carol Schwartz, Oakland County, MI
Frederick Marshall, Oakland County, MI
Demosthenes Lorandos, J.D., Ph.D, Wayne County, MI

Terri Romanoff-Newman, PhD, Hennepin County, MN
Jean Harriman, Carver County, MN
Natosha Solem-Walker, Dakota County, MN
Paul Reitman, PhD, Dakota County, MN
Kalli Matsuhashi, Eagn, MN

Fred Davis, LPC, Jackson, MS

Christopher Hahn, Phd, Gallatin County, MT

Mrs.Linda Cuddy, Douglas County, NV
Mrs. Terri ( or Terry) Palmatier, Douglas County, NV
Mrs. Garrison, Douglas County, NV
Janet Cahill, Douglas County, NV
Donna Wilburn, Clark County NV

Eric Mart, Ph.D., ABPP, Rockingham County, NH
GAL George Larocque, Hillsborough County, NH
Dr. Kelly EdD, Manchester, NH
Kathryn Forbes Fisher, Rockingham County, NH
Tim Cunningham, Strafford County, NH

Janet Cahill, Camden County, NJ
Sharon Ryan Montgomery, Morris County, NJ
Jonathan Wall, Hunterdon County, NJ
Dr. Marcy Pasternak, Somerset County, NJ

Dr. Beth Roth, Bernalillo county, NM
Stephen Stone, San Miguel County, NM

Dr Katherine McKay, Long Island, NY
Dr. Barbara Burkhard, PhD, Suffolk County, NY
Linda Gottlieb, Dutchess County, NY
Jennifer Flynn Campbell, Suffolk County, NY
Jane Albertson Kelly, Suffolk County, NY
Lynn Steinberg, PhD, NY

Dr. Anthony Sciara, Buncombe County, NC
Dr. Lecci, New Hanover County, NC
Judith Thorne, Mecklenburg County, NC
Lindsey Ohler, Durham, NC

Barb Oliger, Burleigh County, ND

Dr. Thomas Hustak, Allen County, OH
Dr. Michael Nelson III, Hamilton County, OH
Shannon Eckner, Hamilton County, OH
Tiffany Evans, Hamilton County, OH

Lauren MacNeill, Portland, OR
Landon Poppleton, OR
Michael Alter, Portland, OR
Jeff A. Lee, PhD, OR

Dr Arnold Shienvold, York and Dauphin counties, PA
Bruce Chambers, Butler County, PA
Dr. Harvey Weintraub, Susquehanna County, PA

Cindy Stichnoth. Greenville, SC

Jerri Bryant, Monroe County, TN
Tom Hanaway, Knox County, TN
Dr. Bradley Friedman, Davidson county, TN
William Bernet, M.D, Nashville, TN

Dr. Kim Arredondo, Brazos County, TX
Dr Mary Alvarez, Brazoria County, TX
Mary Forrester, Denton County, TX
GAL Kelley Baker, Williamson County, TX
Aaron Robb, Denton County, TX
Dr. Kristina Roberts, Brazoria County, TX
Dr. Richard Warshak, Dallas, TX
Karen Gollaher, Harris County, TX
Edward Silverman, Harris County, TX
Richard Theis, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Bryan Sweeney, Harris County, TX

Eric Mart, Ph.D., ABPP, VT
GAL Nanci A. Smith, Chittenden County, VT
Dr. Joseph E. Hasazi, Chittenden County, VT (deceased)

Eric Mart, Ph.D., ABPP, VA
Dr. Brian Wald, Norfolk County, VA

Dr. Rebecca Saltenstohl, King County, WA
Landon Poppleton, Clark County, WA
Jeff A. Lee, PhD, WA
Christopher Kirk Johnson, PhD

Lisa Bottomley, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Pelham Wellspring, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Dr Mark Gleis, Luxembourg
Dr Jacques Bernard, Luxembourg
Eva Sala, Girona, Catalonia, Spain


Disclaimer: Mothers ReVolution is a non-profit organisation. Database Custody Evaluators Wall of Shame information is voluntarily shared and collected by Protective Mothers worldwide. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, Mothers ReVolution or its employees, agents or representatives are not responsible for the accuracy of this database.