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Mothers ReVolution is a non-profit charitable organisation that assists Protective Mothers with legal matters, media strategies, trauma counseling, support groups, retreats, training, and networking.

Mothers ReVolution was created as a tribute to serve and support all loving Mothers who have been unjustifiably deprived of their Children and erased from their lives after encountering the heinous world of Domestic Terrorism. We are Mothers. We love our Children. We go through great lengths to Birth, Raise and Protect them. We are seasoned Protective Momma Warriors who have earned a degree in the School of Hard Knocks, as well as conventional educational institutions. Our support team consists of experts in law, media, psychology, education and communications. We support Mothers and Children facing abuse, domestic as well as international child custody disputes, Hague Convention cases, and Civil Rights violations. Additionally, Mothers ReVolution aims to reform Constitutional Rights and Judicial Policies, in order to protect Mothers and Children. We are located worldwide.


Mothers ReVolution provides the most fundamental and critical types of support services for Protective Mothers dealing with Domestic Terrorism. Our organisation offers a unique source of tools to help Mothers gain leverage and succeed protecting their Rights and the Rights of their Child(ren). Such support consists of strategic planning, Pro Se legal support, media planning, security training, counseling, support groups, retreats, lifestyle training, and networking. We work on a donation basis. The majority of our legal cases are currently within the U.S. jurisdiction in Family Court, State Court and Federal Court. However, our Foundation is involved with cases throughout Europe as well, assisting clients with EU and UN Complaints for European legal cases brought before the European Court and the United Nations Human Rights Committees.


Our mission is to preserve and claim Motherhood; to Raise and Protect our children in Safety and Peace, and without intentional or negligent interference by any third parties. We aim to eradicate any type of abuse inflicted upon Mothers and Children, and we provide support services to Mothers and Children to accomplish this goal. We empower and promote Mothers and Children’s Rights worldwide with a current focus on the United States of America and Europe.

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All around the world Protective Mothers are losing custody of their children at pandemic rates. Why are kids judicially trafficked? How? And what can you do about it? Let’s share the info. Knowledge is power. Know your Rights. We’ve been helping Protective Mothers for quite some time now. Don’t take it from us. Scroll down to see what Protective Mothers are saying about our work.

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