Expert Services for Protective Mothers

Mothers ReVolution provides Expert Services for Protective Mothers dealing with Domestic Terrorism. We support Mothers who are dealing with domestic and international child custody “disputes,” Hague Convention cases, and civil rights violations.

Our non-profit Foundation offers a unique source of critical tools to help Mothers gain leverage and succeed protecting their Rights and the Rights of their Children. Such support consists of strategic planning and assistance with Pro Se litigation in Family Court, State Court, Federal Court, UN/EU/OAS.

Additionally, when possible, we offer professional negotiation services, assistance with drafting of stipulations, and other peaceful resolution options. Furthermore, we provide media strategy, security training, education, counselling, support groups, retreats, lifestyle training, and networking.

Our Case Strategies are very helpful even if you currently have legal representation as it will clarify what your legal options and rights are beyond what your attorney has possibly informed you of and often beyond what he or she might be specialised in. Also, we can possibly offer insight in what your attorney should or should not be doing with your case and how to make sure he/she is actually moving forward with your case in the most effective manner. Please note however, that we are not here to educate your attorney, neither will we collaborate with your attorney. We just want to make sure you know what your Rights and Options are!

We receive no funding whatsoever. Our various Teams work just about 365 days a year and around the clock. We have expenses to cover. Therefore we work entirely on a donation basis (see Donation button on each page of our website). As a nonprofit we are only allowed to ask for donations sufficient to cover our expenses. If you know of any nonprofit who provides these extensive services completely Pro Bono, please let us know and we will refer other Protective Mothers to them, as our ONLY goal is to keep you and your Children SAFE and UNITED. If you seek assistance of our organisation you will be asked to sign a contract for each service you request so you can pace your own process. Although we are fully committed to fighting as hard as possible for you and your Children and we are frequently successful, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome in your case. No one can.

The majority of our legal cases are currently within the U.S. jurisdiction, however, our Foundation is involved with cases throughout Europe as well, assisting clients with EU and UN Complaints for European legal cases brought before the European Court and the United Nations Human Rights Committees.

Service #1

Upon intake of your case, we assess your needs tailored to your individual case. Tell us your story. How can we help you? We provide information regarding possible legal counselling, media strategy, trauma counselling, support groups, retreats, training, and networking.

Service #2

Have you selected legal counselling? We first develop an in-depth Review Strategy to best move forward with your case in Family Court, State Court, Federal Court, EU/UN/OAS based on a guaranteed Confidential process. We provide you with the opportunity to submit your case related documents in a fully Encrypted manner. Based on your documentation and one or more additional in-person legal consultations, our team will not only read your entire case, but also research ALL legal options according to your jurisdiction. You will receive our long-term Strategy Review, after which you can seek help of attorneys, legal experts, or anyone else to put these suggestions in to action. You can also get to work entirely by yourself (Pro Se), or you can request that we assist you with your Pro Se litigation process.

Service #3

You probably need to fight in Family Court. We assist you with all your Pro Se court proceedings: Motions, Responses, Objections, Ex-Parte proceedings, Mediations, Negotiations, Hearings, Trial prep, Filings, communications with court players, etc. Do you want to file a Lawsuit against your abuser(s), an attorney, psychologist, social worker, judge and/or any other player in your custody case? Our Complaints get accepted worldwide and cause major investigations to get launched. For each action you need assistance with (Motion, Response, Complaint etc), you will be asked to submit a Request, followed by a Contract/donation, so you can pace your own process.

Service #4

Filed a Complaint but still don’t get anywhere? No worries, in almost all cases there is additional legal action you can take that you might not have yet considered.

Service #5

Got the thumb screws turned on tight on that Domestic Terrorist? We can assist you with negotiations, the drafting of stipulated agreements, and other peaceful resolution options, when possible.

Service #6

Upon signing any contract for our services, you get access to the Happy Hour at the Pro Se Bar, free of charge. Ask any question, or get any form of support every workday (urgent situations take precedence).

Service #7

Have you selected Media Strategy? Are you ready to go public with your case? There are many ways to bring your story to the world in ways that are safe for you and your Child(ren). We provide expert advice and technical support in the sensitive field of Mainstream Media, Social Media and Communication.

Service #8

Do you need information on how to manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? We provide a listening ear, feedback from experience, information on healing, referrals, and networking opportunities to enlarge your support team.

Service #9

Mothers ReVolution is in the process of organising retreats for Protective Mothers and their Children worldwide. During these retreats our experts will be offering you all of our regular support services. Furthermore, we will offer you the ultimate safe space where stories can be shared and listened to, the effects of traumas softened, and various support and healing modalities can be explored.

Service #10

We offer legal webinars that teach you various skills, necessary for any Pro Se litigant to be successful, such as:

  • Basics of Pro Se filing in any court
  • Self-representation skills useful in any court
  • Cyber-safety and personal security
  • Avoiding common errors as Pro Se litigant

For these servises you need to become a Client Plus Member and ask us to provide these specific sessions for you and other Members. Maybe you have valuable information you want to share with other Members. We do not work FOR you, we work TOGETHER, so let’s do this!

Service #11

We offer media webinars that teach you various skills, necessary for any Protective Mother to go public, such as:

  • Basics of safe communication regarding your case; written and verbal
  • Safe ways to publicise your case on the internet
  • Safe ways to deal with mainstream media
  • Cyber-safety and personal security
  • Avoiding common errors on Social Media, Mainstream Media, and all other forms of written and verbal communications

For these servises you need to become a Client Plus Member and ask us to provide these specific sessions for you and other Members. Maybe you have valuable information you want to share with other Members. We do not work FOR you, we work TOGETHER, so let’s do this!

Service #12

We offer Zoom meetings focused on coping and healing, necessary for any Protective Mother to survive, such as:

  • Local support groups
  • Prayer chains
  • Yoga and meditation groups
  • Retreats: where, how and when
  • Special Guest professionals who listen, and share their expertise
  • Veteran Protective Mother gatherings (needs shift, change or expand over the years and are often different from those of us who are in a more acute phase)

For these servises you need to become a Client Plus Member and ask us to provide these specific sessions for you and other Members. Maybe you have valuable information you want to share with other Members. We do not work FOR you, we work TOGETHER, so let’s do this!

What are you waiting for?

In most cases, Domestic Terrorists do not just go away or give up control. Hoping the harassment will eventually stop, usually does not lead to the desired result. In fact, the situation for you and your Child(ren) might very well fester and escalate. The sooner you act to claim your Right to Raise and Protect your Child(ren), the better your chances in any court. Not only that, most legal claims have Statutes of Limitations (time limits in which to file) so it is imperative that you do not wait. Also, due to the many Protective Mothers seeking assistance of our organisation we do usually have waitinglists that are processed on a First Come, First Serve basis. We are not the McMotion Drive-Through. We offer completely professional, high quality services, and as such each case must follow the same intake procedure as described above and this process takes time. However, once you have your Review Strategy in place with us, we can act extremely fast in your case, because we have all your relevant case documents and we know your case inside out.

Our promise to you

Your case will be handled with expertise and full confidentiality. You’ll get the Full Throttle treatment: we will give it all we’ve got. We truly care, because we know what you are going through. And maybe one day, you will pass on your knowledge, support and expertise to another Protective Mother in need. Together we are the Mothers ReVolution! 
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Disclaimer: Mothers ReVolution is a non-profit Foundation. Mothers ReVolution does not provide legal advice, nor does its employees, agents or representatives. We are not a law firm. We are Pro Se Protective Mothers who share our expertise. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a lawyer licensed by the state bar if you want legal advice. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists or will be formed between you and Provider or any of our representatives. Further, any suggestions or instructions written or oral regarding strategy is not intended to constitute legal advice. Thus, Mothers ReVolution or its employees, agents or representatives are not responsible for the outcome of your case. The same Disclaimer applies to media advice, psychological advice, retreats, training webinars and all other support services we offer.