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Options when your Kids are Stolen: Torts, Hague and Constitution

Who is on your To Sue list? More Tort Recipes

The Domestic Violence Tort: special on the menu for California moms

You need Evidence to break through Immunity: Got your Ingredients?

You can Sue a Public Official in their Individual Capacity: Immunity? We’ll eat that raw

Wanna sue County, Court and State? You must file a claim before you Sue (SOL alert! Check your State): How are your Civil Rights feeling today?

Knowledge is Power: 203 pages of #GimmeMyCivilRights

Social workers argued they had The Right to Lie and Manufacture Evidence to steal kids. Hey, it’s America: Hardwick v. Vreecken

Civil Rights Claim against #PedoGate (California of course): Allison v. Contra Costa, CA State and CA Judicial Council

How to Sue the United States: Comparing 42 USC 1983 and Tort Claims Acts

Not American and got Screwed with a Hague case in the USA?: We have the ALIEN Tort Special on the menu, how ’bout them apples?

How to Sue an Attorney who messed with you: Aiding, Abetting and Conspiring Tort

Nuts and Bolts of a Civil Rights Claim: Shawn McMillan knows how to pack a PUNCH

245 pages on what Judges think of Pro Se Mommas: blah blah blah

Constitutional Right to be a Mommy: Get your PITCH FORKS and fight back!

Got a bad case of Maternal Deprivation?: Flip The Script

Financially destroyed in Family Court?: Fight in Federal Court. It’s FREE

Federal Court let you down?: APPEAL corruption to the top

Gag orders are UNCONSTITUTIONAL: You were saying?

Pesky in-laws trying to steal your kids?: File the TERMINATOR!

Any Protective Mother can object to, or refuse a Custody Evaluation! Know your RIGHTS and file an objection against the inherent discriminatory nature of such an evaluation based on the ADA  (what applies to an adoptive parent applies to all parents. After all, we’re talking discrimination, right?)

Stuck with a Custody Evaluation anyway? NEVER EVER take the standard MMPI test! These tests are NOT suitable for victims of Domestics Terrorism who have PTSD, ACCORDING TO THE DOJ!!!! The standard Custody Evaluation is a nasty Father’s Rights Hired Gun Custody Evaluation Trap to make you look “unstable,” and take custody away from you. Submit your independent PTSD diagnosis and DEMAND the Campbell Danger Assessment Test instead! (You can also use this info to file a Motion to Reconsider AFTER the damage has already been done.) If you cannot get out from underneath having to take the MMPI questionnaire after all, then just click here to find the answers to ace it!

Protective Mothers

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