Database of Protective Mothers who were jailed for protecting their Children from abuse and who dared to take action and speak up for their Motherhood.



Debra Flowers and 2nd article


Krystal Mills

Michelle Wolferts

Sarah Nixon

Erin Eddy


Sandra Grazzini-Rucki

Jeff’s wife


Eliza Szonert

Elsa Newman

Miriam Silver

Tricia Taylor


Maria Jose Carrascosa

Kathi Sorentino

Susan Skipp


Jackie Ann Morris

Jen Goodwin

Melissa Barnett

Lori Thaner

Robin Karr

Cherelle Baldwin

Janet Adkins

Davida Sanchez

Chelsea Cullen

Lee Barnett

Marre Wosten

Karen Lyn Dobson


Kristen Aileen

Katie Hager

Kristy Brooks

Marlena Frayji and 2nd time

Shelly Nichols

Yvonne Christine Oprean

Elaine Yates

Amanda Vistein

Angela Gilmore

Shannon DeBacker

Jodi Mueller

Maria Bauer Melinn

Pamela Kilmer

Barbara Wesler


Julie Goffstein

Connie Bedwell

Erin Hale

Kendra Stocks

Audrey Kimner

Juana Rivas

Karin Wolf

Yvonne Floor

Caroline Bréhat

Juana Rivas


jailed Protective Mothers

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