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If you have arrived at this contact form it means you are a Protective Mother. We understand your extremely challenging circumstances at the very deepest level and feel your pain. We formed our non-profit in 2018 to provide Protective Mothers and their Children with Pro Se litigation assistance, trauma support, media strategy and to raise awareness about our global plight as Protective Mothers.

If you are a Protective Mother with questions and in need of our services we need some basic information about your case to respond to you, to assess whether we can assist you, and if so, which specialists in our team to assign to your case to best meet your needs.

Protective Mothers applying for assistance follow our mandatory 4 Step Process:
1. Submit the form below
2. Consultation
3. Uploading of case file
4. Start of collaboration

Privacy policy: Information shared with us is treated with the strictest confidentiality. We do understand however, if you need to use a pseudonym when submitting this initial contact form. The remainder of this form must however be completed truthfully by the Protective Mother requesting assistance. This form cannot be completed on behalf of someone else. If you are currently suffering from acute and very serious trauma we suggest asking support from a trusted friend, family member, Domestic Violence advocate, therapist etc. while completing this form.

For ultimate safety you can use a protonmail account for the submission of this form and for contacting us. Protonmail accounts are encrypted: they can never be hacked or tracked! Signing up is free of charge. To sign up for a protonmail account you do not have to provide an existing email address, nor are you required to provide your real name. Just make sure you actually check the inbox (and spam folder) for our responses to your submission of this form and all other possible future communication with us!

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