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“Mothers ReVolution supported me through a nightmare process in the Family Courts after an International Hague Convention Case. One of the experts from MR actually traveled to my home where she prepped me for my custody hearings. She offered me a winning strategy and prepared me for the fight ahead. My abusive ex-husband wreaked havoc on me for 11 years, before I began to take control and fight back. I now finally have sole physical custody of my youngest daughter! I couldn’t have done it without the Mothers ReVolution.” – Protective Mother Sandy – Denmark

“My rich abusive ex-husband, judicially kidnapped our son after an International Hague Convention Case. He manipulated the system and legally abused me for years while alienating our son from me and his maternal family. I was trapped in a foreign country without any means of support. I was stripped of all custodial rights. After contacting Mothers ReVolution, the entire situation changed. Mothers ReVolution helped me to leverage my legal situation, and taught me how to jump through the legal and political world of the family, civil and criminal courts. Thanks to Mothers ReVolution, I now have joint legal and physical custody of our son and I’ve managed to thrive and not die in this brutal war of the high conflict custody battle.” – Protective Mother Joan – Italy

“My ex’s attorneys besieged me with motions I couldn’t respond to. The experts from Mothers ReVolution turned that right around. Now my ex and his attorney have finally backed off and I have contact with my kids again. Next step is getting custody again. Thank you Mothers ReVolution!” – Protective Mother Janna – USA

“Dear Mothers ReVolution: thank you for your support!” – Protective Mother Angela – USA

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